On the 21st of March I had the opportunity to shoot for a brand that I truly thing is awesome. One the Label is a Dutch street style brand that focuses on simple but strong designs. Together with Lamar (leojones.jr) and my new assistant Vivian (biibianwong) we create some of my favorite images of the month.

REFRESHING As a photographer who mainly focuses on capturing influencers in the more classic aspects of this city, it was awesome shooting street style with a Brooklyn feel. I think its important to let go of your success formula. When something is going great.. let go of it. Now you have the energy to try something new. This probably sounds a little bit funky but trying something new is always a step forward.

LOCATION We shot the images around Waterlooplein. Majority of creators who come or work in Amsterdam don't know about the area between Niewmarkt and Waterloo. The vibe around there is a lot more street, 80/90's. Recently I low key obsessed with this place since all I have been shooting was more a 1600's vibe. Don't get me wrong because I love that. It was just a highly refreshing experience.

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