Traveling the world on board

photo: @CKphotography

That girl in the helmet? Yes that is me! Watch the video 👆🏼

I have been downhill longboarding for about 4 years now. I attend races in Europe & North America with podium results. My close friends, ambitions and much more come from skating. In may 2018 I had a accident on a Belgium race track what led me into recovery for about 8 months. I learned a lot about myself, the love of the community and ways to take advantage of my time off skateboarding.

After 2 surgeries, hours of physiotherapy I’m ready to step back on board. This year I will snow and skateboard in Germany, Spain and Austria. If you want to know more about downhill skateboarding, snowboarding and my adventures then checkout my Instagram here below or @rosanne_onboard



Zenit Longboards - Barebells - Alp Volks - Street Legend


In 2019 I will attend the European freeride events and races in cooperation with Zenit Longboards. These events will be held in Austria, Germany, Slovenia and more. During this times I will produce video and photo content on my social media platform, showing my favorite items, surroundings and a recap on the day of skating. Want to be a part of that? Please visit the ‘‘what I can do for you’’ page.

Can you even stop on a longboard at that speed?

How to stop on a longboard (basic explanation)

  1. Foot brake 
    The footbrake is usually used on slower speeds. This is method I recommend beginners to use. It’s a safe and fast way to slow down. By putting your sole, and a small amount of pressure on the ground you will slow down. However.. some skaters use this method on high speeds also. It’s often used as a race technique to take the perfect line.

  2. Stand-up Slide

    Stand-up slides are defined as ‘‘freeriding’’ right now this is the most popular way to show off your skills. They can be done in toeside and heelside position. Good riders are able to do those slides on high speeds. By breaking traction of your wheels and lean backwards you will start sliding sideways. Here is a example photo.

  3. Hands down checks
    Hands down slides are mostly used by riders who attend races. It’s used to reach the apex of the corner in the best and fasted way.
    This slide can be done in heelside and toeside position. Before you start the slide, you make a big carve in the opposite direction. By putting your weight on the front foot and your center point behind your board you will start sliding.

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